ABS Enables Growth of Biotech Client


A biotech company experiencing rapid growth found that many of its international clients required starting material to be provided using the company’s proprietary technology. However, the company struggled to keep up with these requests in-house due to a lack of expertise in cell line scale-up and the logistical complexities of international shipments.


The biotech company faced several key challenges:

  • Inability to meet the growing demand for starting material from international clients.
  • Lack of in-house expertise in scaling up cell lines.
  • Complex logistics required for shipping biological materials internationally.


To address these challenges, the biotech company turned to ABS for support. ABS provided a comprehensive solution that included:

  • Expertise in cell line scale-up, ensuring the biotech company could meet the increased demand.
  • Management of shipment logistics, including compliance with international shipping regulations for biological materials.
  • Coordination with the biotech company to ensure seamless integration of ABS' capabilities with their proprietary technology.


The partnership between the biotech company and ABS resulted in several positive outcomes:

  • Successful scale-up of cell lines, meeting the growing demands of international clients.
  • Streamlined shipment logistics, ensuring timely and compliant delivery of starting materials.
  • Increased client satisfaction due to the reliable supply of high-quality starting materials.

Through its partnership with ABS, the biotech company was able to effectively scale up its operations and manage the complexities of international shipments. This case study underscores the value of strategic collaborations in achieving operational excellence and meeting the demands of a growing global client base.

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