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Prior to founding ABS, Dr. Saller led the biochemical team at what is now AstraZeneca that worked on the discovery of Seroquel®, one of the most successful drugs of all time both in respect to therapeutic efficacy for psychiatric disorders and market value. Dr. Saller is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Saller Rental Properties in the 1980s, which provided the capital for founding ABS in January 1990. He continues to lead ABS operations and direct its strategy. Dr. Saller has also served as the Principal Investigator or has administered more than $5 million in government grants and contracts as a founder of one other bioscience company and as advisor to others.
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How to Avoid Stress at Work

Run and hide until the problem passes is one option, but not a good one. Let’s face it, despite our best efforts, problems do occur. The problems that occur at work fall into several business-related categories, such as too much work, too few resources, mistakes, and unanticipated events. In addition, and often more significantly for employees, interpersonal issues can cause significant stress. This blog will deal with the first category. Subsequent postings will consider the remaining categories.

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Recession - What To Do About It

The last few postings from some of our staff give you some idea of what ABS is like. Frankly, I hope their comments may inspire you to apply at ABS. We are always looking for people who want to be effective and grow with us.

The topic of this blog is less pleasant. However, it bears thinking about sooner rather than later. Let me start by saying that I not a financial advisor, nor do I claim expertise in economics; but my expectation is that winter is coming. You don’t have to take my word for it. I highly recommend that you read or view the insights of Ray Dalio, the billionaire founder of Bridgewater Associates.

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The People at ABS

Most of these blogs have about the processes and systems at ABS that ensure fast and reliable service. All of this is important, but none of this happens without the people who are dedicated to making it happen. The next several posts will be written by our team members who work in all aspects of ABS.

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BIO 2019

ABS attended and exhibited at the annual International Bio meeting in Philadelphia last week. As an entrepreneur and scientist, it was an interesting and exciting event. I have no doubt that many of the talks were interesting and well worth attending, but that is not what I am talking about.

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New Services?

Someone recently asked how we decide to add new services. For us the answer is straightforward. We begin with our mission statement. Any new services must make research faster, easier, and more reliable. It also must center around how we deliver value to researchers by providing, processing, analyzing, and storing cells and human biospecimens.

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The Role of IT in Working with a Partner

When doing science, information technology (IT) is often an afterthought. When working with a supplier or custom research organization such as ABS, it is probably even less of a consideration. However, it is of crucial importance. If it is working well, you shouldn’t have to think about it; but if it doesn’t, it can cause significant problems. For example, how often have you contacted a vendor and that vendor does not know what is going on with your inquiry or order? How often does a company market to you, but never follows up?

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The Value of Tissue Donation and Working with ABS Inc.

Tissue donations are essential for biological research. For example, it is impossible to study the biology of a cancerous tumor without a cancerous sample. Sadly, many of the samples that could go to scientists looking for cures instead go into medical waste, which is carted away and incinerated. Unfortunately, even when samples are collected, they are often stored away unused although there are researchers who urgently need them; but the connection is never made.

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What Happens After You Receive Your Order

This is the most important part, and often it is the most neglected with many providers.  But with ABS, it doesn’t end when we ship you a product.

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It's Not a Black Hole

What happens when you place an order? At some companies, it may seem like a black hole. At ABS, this is not the case. We want you to know as much as possible so that you understand the care we take and that there are no surprises.

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Buy one get one free!  15% Off Today Only! President’s Day Sale! These are phrases that we associate with marketing. You won’t find any of this at ABS. We have never used any of these methods or marketing gimmicks to try to persuade you to buy something. In fact, we have done very little traditional marketing. Instead, we rely upon satisfied clients and the referrals that they provide to help us grow.

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