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Prior to founding ABS, Dr. Saller led the biochemical team at what is now AstraZeneca that worked on the discovery of Seroquel®, one of the most successful drugs of all time both in respect to therapeutic efficacy for psychiatric disorders and market value. Dr. Saller is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Saller Rental Properties in the 1980s, which provided the capital for founding ABS in January 1990. He continues to lead ABS operations and direct its strategy. Dr. Saller has also served as the Principal Investigator or has administered more than $5 million in government grants and contracts as a founder of one other bioscience company and as advisor to others.
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Listening and Telepathy in Business

Remote working and social distancing can lessen effective communications between individuals and groups. Recently, I heard that a few employees felt that I was not listening to their concerns. Many of us, myself included, may have deficits in listening to and understanding another position and its needs. It is something I continually work on improving.

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COVID and Isolation

The COVID pandemic has produced many changes in our society. Far too many have been affected directly by death, lingering illness, and economic devastation. These types of losses overshadow the very real psychological toll the pandemic has taken on those who have gone relatively untouched by loss of friends and loved ones or even a decline in income.

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Traveling Scientists

Being a bench scientist working at a company often means that you work at the same bench or laboratory for many years. Maybe you occasionally change laboratories, most likely in the same building. The only way for change is often to change jobs. But does it have to be that way?

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Winter Storms: Your Cells Do Not Care If It Is Snowing

This past week, a series of winter storms hit much of the U.S., causing devastation in many areas. The shutdown of grocery stores, gas stations, and other essential businesses has had a major impact on many people and companies across the country. Our best wishes go out to those of you who have suffered losses and hardships.

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Flexibility Requires Structure

A major advantage of working with ABS is our flexibility. We customize our offerings according to your needs. To successfully deliver this type of service requires structure along with responsiveness.

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An Extension of Your Laboratory®

Too often a slogan is often a meaningless tagline. An Extension of Your Laboratory® has been a part of our ethos since we began in 1990. Recent events have emphasized its importance. With many of our clients’ laboratories nearly shut down or only partially staffed, we were able to help them continue their operations. We intensified our safety precautions, worked remotely as much as possible, and ramped up our operations to meet the increased need of clients.

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New Year Beginnings

2020 was a challenging year. The pandemic brought health, financial, and psychological problems to far too many. It also demonstrated what our industry can accomplish with the rapid development of vaccines and new treatments.

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2020 Year End

2020 has been a challenging year for many. ABS is grateful to its employees and clients for enabling us to overcome those challenges. The remainder of the year will be difficult for far too many with hospitalizations and deaths continuing to rise. Although it is tempting to celebrate together, please persevere by avoiding travel and gatherings outside of one’s immediate household.  The pandemic will come to end, and by doing what we know we should do,  the path to end will be less painful.

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Uncertainty and Fear

None of us have escaped the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, the U.S. elections, and the economy. Uncertainty can lead to feelings of a loss of control and fear. In the short term, fear may be a powerful motivator. In the intensity of an immediate crisis, fear may be lifesaving. However, in many situations, fear often further clouds the mind and can lead to unproductive or harmful actions. In the long term, fear is increasingly stressful and debilitating.

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The previous blog discussed communication. This post discusses the other side of the coin: too much communication. We all are inundated with a constant deluge of emails, texts, phone calls, and video-calls. The ability to communicate immediately with individuals and large numbers of colleagues is a powerful capability. Used judiciously, it can benefit everyone. Used capriciously, it can be annoying and reduce productivity.

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