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Prior to founding ABS, Dr. Saller led the biochemical team at what is now AstraZeneca that worked on the discovery of Seroquel®, one of the most successful drugs of all time both in respect to therapeutic efficacy for psychiatric disorders and market value. Dr. Saller is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Saller Rental Properties in the 1980s, which provided the capital for founding ABS in January 1990. He continues to lead ABS operations and direct its strategy. Dr. Saller has also served as the Principal Investigator or has administered more than $5 million in government grants and contracts as a founder of one other bioscience company and as advisor to others.
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ABS is Hiring!

There are career opportunities at ABS in all areas of our operations. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, ABS remains fully operational. We retained and paid our staff as before this crisis. Now as more of our clients are ramping up their operations, we are ready to continue our expansion and growth. As the demand for our services is increasing, we are looking for a select group of individuals to join ABS.

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After COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis points to how ill-prepared we are to rapidly respond to pandemics. This blog addresses one facet of this problem: the lack of availability of blood samples from infected and post-infected individuals for use in developing diagnostic tests and treatments.

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Returning to Work Sites

Sooner or later, we will all be returning to our work offices and laboratories. Many of us have been working all along, either at home or our regular workplaces. We are grateful to everyone who is keeping things moving forward.

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Getting Through a Crisis - Contingency Plans

Now that our closets are filled with toilet paper, what’s next? The current crisis shows how closely we are interrelated and how strong and how fragile those relationships are. This is true both from the perspective of health and economics.

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Running Out of Toilet Paper

A few weeks ago, it would not have occurred to me to consider this as a topic. Today, it has relevance for far too many of us. As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the world, there is a run on many essentials. This seems to be especially true of toilet paper. The shelves are empty in many stores across the nation.

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ABS BioAccelerator: A Way of Creating Value

The previous blog spoke in general terms of how we create value. This blog provides a specific example of how we approach value by describing a new venture that we are beginning.

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Creating Value

Creating value for ourselves and others is a fundamental issue for oneself and for organizations. It is the Why of ABS’s mission statement. Without creating value, a life is empty and organizations that fail to do so are hollow and eventually cease to exist.

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How We Make Your Research More Reliable

All of us want to be able to count on the reliability of our own data and that of others. There is a plague of non-reproducible studies in the scientific literature. Regular complaints are heard from journal editors and reviewers. Lack of reliability varies from minor experimental inaccuracies to a complete lack of reproducibility. The major cause of this problem is inattention to factors that can be addressed by more rigorous control of processes. Unreliable data costs time, money, and sometimes careers. For a detailed discussion of this problem, see: Rigor Mortis: How Sloppy Science Creates Worthless Cures, Crushes Hope, and Wastes Billions by Richard Harris.

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ABS’ mission is to make your research faster, easier, and more reliable. In a previous blog, I described how we work with you to speed your research. This blog discusses what easier means to us and how working with ABS does make your research easier. At first glance easier may seem to be a rather vague advertising catch all, easier than what? For us, it is much more specific. Working with ABS should be easier than doing it yourself or working with any other organization. Two examples illustrate how this works.

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30 Years

This month, we celebrate with you a New Year and our 30th year in business.

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