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Prior to founding ABS, Dr. Saller led the biochemical team at what is now AstraZeneca that worked on the discovery of Seroquel®, one of the most successful drugs of all time both in respect to therapeutic efficacy for psychiatric disorders and market value. Dr. Saller is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Saller Rental Properties in the 1980s, which provided the capital for founding ABS in January 1990. He continues to lead ABS operations and direct its strategy. Dr. Saller has also served as the Principal Investigator or has administered more than $5 million in government grants and contracts as a founder of one other bioscience company and as advisor to others.
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Communications, Openness, and Respect

Sharing ideas for improvement can be challenging. If you are the receiving end, it can be viewed as criticism. Others might consider suggestions as a sign of a lack of appreciation, understanding, or respect. That can be the case if such sharing is not approached mindfully and with understanding. Approaching others with the intention of benefiting all involved is more beneficial and respectful than not engaging with others to discuss perceived issues or areas for improvement.

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Prevention of Growing Pains

The previous blog spoke of growth and acquisitions. This blog expands upon the topic of growth and what it means for us and our clients.

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Growth and Acquisitions

Do you want outside capital? Don’t you want to be a much larger company? These questions were recently asked of me by a Partner at an investment fund that was interested in investing into ABS. The answer to the first question was No. The answer to the second was a qualified Yes.

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Can Human Biospecimens Be Commoditized?

All of us at ABS want to make it as easy as possible to do business with us, and we want to provide you with the exact high-quality human biospecimens that will move your research forward. At first glance, a web-store or some sort of online exchange seems suited to this purpose, as such sites currently exist. An online store or similar interface would reduce your costs by eliminating or reducing much of the collaborative service that we provide. The technology to offer this type of platform is also  readily available.

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Working From Home Checklist

Many of us are now working from home. Recently, there has been a multitude of webinars, blogs, and articles on topics ranging from whether we should or shouldn’t continue to do so after the pandemics ceases, how to work from home, videoconferencing tips, etc.

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What are the Roles of Scientists in Society?

Many years ago, in a former life, I taught high school biology. The first day, I told my students that they could use their textbooks or any book to take any test that I would I give. They were surprised, and most thought that class would be very easy despite my explanations that it would not be. They were surprised again when they found that it was not as easy as they thought. This was because I asked them to think and reason with the information at hand.

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The use of seat belts and masks can prevent harm that we hope will never come to us or others. All our readers probably know this, but it's worth remembering for everyone’s sake. Please be careful and stay safe.

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Why ABS Never Has a Sale or Offers Discounts

ABS has never had a sale in its 30+ years in business. We do not offer additional discounts. ABS is different from many companies that use these tactics to try to drive sales.

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A free offer is often used to lure potential customers. A company may offer a free service, but somewhere along the line the customers will pay for that free service or that company will not stay in business. ABSrelies upon value and service to earn and keep your business, not gimmicks.

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Returning to Work

Many of you are returning to work. There are two major concerns for all of us: safety and making up for lost time. From a safety perspective, one the most important things that we can do is to practice social distancing. At ABS, we have been able to do so and remain fully operational because of our unique systems and infrastructure.

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